Country Representation
Country Representation
BCI experienced consultants has assissted many international companies with their legal and administrative and company establishment  governement regulations and procedures. BCI acts as a trusted partner and provide local representative business services in the market handling the following issues: 

•  Setting up regional offices.

•  Setting up local operations. 

• Hiring local sales teams and dedicated employees. 

•  Monthly sales representation.

•  Organizing trade delegations and finding relevant trade events. 

• Identifying government tender opportunities.

•  Government introductions and public sector relations.

•  Identifying regulatory hurdles and dealing with local bureaucracy.

•  Obtaining approvals, licenses, and certification.

•  Media monitoring and arranging local media campaigns and coverage.

•  Recommending local legal and accountancy services.

•  Notice of changes in government regulations and other incentives within the mar

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