Buhaisi Consulting International (BCI), is a privately held full service business development consultancy firm founded in 2011 in Cairo, Egypt with offices in KSA and UAE. BCI helps companies from the Americas, Europe and China with their business development activities and operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We handle research and strategy development and implementation. Read more

Market Mopping

Before entering a new market it is vital to assess the real opportunities in the country through addressing the factors that affect business decisions and companies need to analyze those before formulating an entry strategy.

Business Intelligence

BCI provide actionable information on products, markets, technologies and competitors. We conduct extensive secondary research on most projects using proprietary and publically available databases.

Market Development

If the market study reveals that the opportunities outweigh the challenges, then the time has come for serious work. We agree on the scope of work, budget and time line and proceed to developing a strategy that addresses key elements.

Distributor Search

The search for the right partner is crucial in every business initiative; in the international environment there are additional complications.  BCI works with a systematic approach, looking for the right fit to guaranty a long term relationship.





Commercial Due Diligence

The value of a company is more often contained in its market and brand position, its products and channel reputation. This requires Commercial Due Diligence.

Outsourced Manufacturing

BCI helps companies improve profitability through offshore-outsourced products manufacturing. We assume full responsibility for the operations and activities to ensure that processes, equipment, testing procedures, and quality.

Interim Export Management

BCI partners with international trade agencies in over 40 countries, providing assistance to domestic and international SME businesses entering or expanding international markets, outbound trade and investment. 

Trade Event support

Whether you are seeking new customers, distributors, international partnerships, export sales, or expanding, BCI offers the expertise you need to connect with lucrative opportunities and increase your bottom line.

Executive Search & Profiling

BCI provide our clients with best fit local staff and executives for their operations covering many positions and across a wide spectrum of industries applying a systematic process to look for best fit candidate to contribute with technology or market expertise.


BCI conducts surveys to universities, educational centers and research organizations including In-Depth Interviews (IDS) and Focus Group Discussions (FGD).

Country Representation

BCI acts as a trusted partner and provide local representation business services in the market assisting international companies with their legal and administrative issues.

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